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“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.”

(Psalm 24:1)



“You, then, who teach others, do you not teach yourself?”

(Romans 2:21 NIV)









By Denis Roumestan




We are looking for true believers to change the world. Not churchgoers, neither Pharisees nor religious zealots. Not the ones who supported the war in Iraq. Not the ones who shake your hands during Sunday morning church service and scorn you during the week. Not the ones who say "Salaam" and rejoice when some Israeli is killed. Not the ones who say "Shalom" and are comfortable with the endless sufferings of the Palestinians.

There are so many inequities and God has given us all so many responsibilities that there is no time left to waste. People are dying; peoples are being hungered, slaughtered, and displaced. Others are tortured. And most of the ones, who steal, kill and destroy, blow themselves up in killing innocents or bomb villages killing civilians, say they do it in the name of God or pray that He might give them the victory. Pretending God is behind all the evils committed in His Name is the most evil of all evils. As is the rape of his own child by a parent.

It is time for all the true believers of what the Muslims call the "religions of the Book" to stand up for their own same God, re-affirm His Commandments, and concentrate on what UNIFIES them. If in their faith, God is above all, merciful and loving Creator who revealed Himself to mankind so humans might know that He is the Lord or Lords, why spend energy in the rest? Why are we divided because of Mary, Jesus or Mohammed? During the time we, the believers, are occupied being divided, evil grows all over the world, and mothers cry all along for the loss of their loved ones.

Believing in the same God should logically unite us anyway. Our divisions do not reflect the true nature of God almighty, who is one. There should be a new dawn for justice, equity and mercifulness. From God's Word and His oneness, new ideas for a brand new 21st century should be deducted. New institutions should be implied from our unity in Him.

In order to do so we need to understand that spiritual unity should not be polluted by cultural diversity. Most of the divisions between believers in God come from a cultural transformation of the initial spiritual core belief.

We need to gather together because we need each other. God has been wise and just enough to show something to each and every one of us: to the Jews His awesomeness, to the Christians His Love, to the Muslims the need for us all to submit to Him.

Extremists of all sides have overtaken the true nature of God in the hearts of men and are using it for power, greed and manipulation. It is not a new pattern: in the Middle Ages, European Christians have "crusaded" the Muslims, when Saladin was more chivalrous than the leaders of the "Kingdom of Heaven". Later, Christian Spaniards have “genocided” Latin Americans with the sword in one hand and the Bible in the other, then Christian missionaries have been –at least- silent accomplices of European colonization in Africa. More recently, Christian churches have not been able to stand against the Rwandan genocide.

We should not be bound by history and the faults of our ancestors. We should acknowledge their mistakes and repent corporately for them in order to be delivered from our past and move on to a new future. Repentance starts in the heart. It is an act of true love, and it would avoid cycles of violence.

We need to reinvent our present and future, put new wine into new wineskins. Time to unite the United Nations. Time to walk the talk. Time to implement in actions what is legitimate, a true international rule of law, a true spirit of sharing between developed nations and developing nations.

In fine, what matters most is not what we believe, but what comes out of our beliefs. As true believers we are bound to produce the fruits of our beliefs. We are looking for true believers who practice their faith, individually and collectively, with love.

We are looking for true believers, so that our beliefs might not be empty words. We need true believers. Now.


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“Not churchgoers, neither Pharisees nor religious zealots



“Pretending God is behind all the evils committed in His Name is the most evil of all evils



Concentrate on what unifies us all”



Spiritual unity should not be polluted by cultural diversity”



We need each other







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