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Anyway, this is not just in Africa, it is everywhere. Are we going on to follow and accept unjust laws, or immoral laws or decrees? Or will we take risks, like Daniel, who refused to surrender himself to the King’s Decree (Daniel 6:10 ff.).

Where are we, Christians? What is the Christians’ response against the high level of suicide in Quebec?

And in the world? Where is our love for our Muslim brothers and sisters? “They are all Bin Laden!”, told me a pastor in Rwanda. Where are the Christian voices to reconcile Jews, Christians and Muslims all over the world in this period of terrorism? We just hear conservative Christians who agree with the war response.

Where are the Christian voices against neo colonialism in Africa, victim of unfair world trade rules and protectionism from the West? How many Christians have voiced opposition to the fact that anti retro-viral medicines against AIDS are less expensive in the US than in Africa where some live with less than one US dollar a day? How many Christian non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have protested to protect the Human Right to Development, daily denied to the Africans? How many Christian media have fought against the misinformation about Africa, always presented by its negative sides (wars, divisions, flies on the children’s eyes on TV, even in Christian programs…)? Who will defend and plead for the beauties of Africa, in the hearts of men, in their strife for development, in their struggles for peace, in their solidarity, their joy,  their force of forgiveness? The only beauties shown to the public in the West are mountains, and trees, animals and water, sky and clouds. Trimming the truth is deceiving. Same thing about corruption: it is always talked about African corrupt leaders, but never about the ones in the developed world who corrupt them, or about the financial institutions in the developed world that offer them their offshore banking services.

Where are the Christian voices against the NGOs spending more than 70% of their funds for their own management expenses, high salaries and indemnities, very fancy houses and cars, very expansive school fees for the expatriates’ children? For example in Uganda, the average for these private schools is about US$ 5,000 (you read well: five thousands US Dollars) per child and per year. In the mean time, there are so many Ugandan children who cannot attend public school because of the cost of the tuition fees, only $60 (you read well: sixty US Dollars) per child and per year!

Where is the courage of the Christians to expose these abuses publicly, under the light of God so they may be burnt? Where are the educated Christians to propose new models of society, of development, inspired by the Justice of God? “… love is the fulfillment of the law.” (Romans 13: 10). Please understand that the Word of God does not speak only about the spiritual law, but about ANY kind of law!

How long will we remain hypocrites and Pharisees, church addicts? When will we be craftsmen for God, to establish His kingdom on earth, as He asked us to do in Ephesians 2:10: “For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” ?

How long will we be lazy listeners, instead of being the ones that change our world in inspiring our leaders for justice, equity and love?

Most of the time, one of the reasons of our passivity is that we are bound with our own culture. Will we have the courage to filter honestly our culture through the Bible, like Jesus did with the adulterous woman? I have met a Congolese pastor, who lives in polygamy outside of his country. He just smiled, when he announced me that he had one wife and some children in Congo and another wife and some other children in Uganda, and he concluded in saying “You know how we are, we, Congolese men…” !

God has asked us to do a very special exercise, with Christians in different countries: during seminars, we have asked them to take a piece of paper, and draw a line from the top to the bottom of the page. On the left side of the page, they were invited to write all the different habits of their culture, and on the right side, the responses of the Bible. Since years, we have tried to do this. Until now, we have found nobody who could complete this exercise!

One American preacher once said “The American Christians are supposed to be in war against certain destructive aspects of the American culture, but the people of God don’t want to change and don’t want to fight.”. It is exactly what we have witnessed during our mission. People claim loudly and proudly that they are born again, although they are not changed at all. You don’t see the difference between them and the ones who are not Christian. Worst, when we recognize them, it is just because they look more religious, more depressed, more ignorant, more intolerant and more pretentious.

Jesus sent us into the world (Matthew 17:18) and they think they have to separate themselves from the world, asking all the time “Are you saved?” with a kind of despised gesture. But these are the ones who follow the bad trend of their cultures. For example in certain countries in Africa, they have no problem with the “bride price” (dowry) which traps the women in a horrible submission to the husband, because she has been “bought” by him and his family.


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